Posted by: tonyandgina | Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Have You Shown Kindness Today?

” Only love can make man kind, And kindness of heart brings peace of mind, And by giving love we can start this year, To lift the clouds of hate and fear.”


This is one of the many beautiful verses by Helen Steiner Rice found in the ‘Daily Inspiration for Women’ devotional journal/diary that I was lucky enough to receive as a gift on Christmas. In every page you will also find  verses from the Bible , a question for personal reflection and meditation and the journal space. Today’s question: ‘ Is your heart telling you to be kinder to someone in particular ? If so, to whom?’ I had to think hard. Nobody comes to mind. I know that I have my moments of being selfish and unkind, and have said some hurtful things in anger, but basically, I am a kind soul. I have always believed and wished that nobody should be exempt from happiness. Which takes me back to the question- have I shown kindness today? Have I, in some small way made somebody happy? I’m not sure. What I am sure of,though, is that I always try to live by this rule : ” Nobody has the right to stoop down to someone unless it is to help him up.” And to me, that is kindness.




  1. hi gina,
    happy new year.
    only now am i coming out of my “fog”
    hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    we talked about you and your creativity when i get-together with sila annamanila.

    hope all is well, my friend.

    Cheska, kaya naman pala nakagat ko ang dila ko noon, you were talking about me,lol! =))
    I saw your Philippine pics , and I can tell you had a great time.

  2. hi, gina! happy new year to you! this is such a lovely gift. i would want to have one!
    the question kinda made a sting. we are all guilty of not being kind especially to those people who have wronged us. but forgiveness is the keyword.

    Bing, the book is lovely. Maybe you should check out National Bookstore baka meron sila. Yes to forgiveness!

  3. That is easy to believe Gina … that you are a kind soul. I love that line … that no one has to stoop down unless to help someone. beaut!

    Thank you AM.

  4. Hi Gina, missed your blog my friend, been busy with the business and kids’ schooling. Now, am back, am reading your previous posts and new entries in your new site. Very nice site. Keep it up. Re: this post, me too, I’ve always believe we all have a kind soul, that man is basically good (that’s why am too trusting on people).

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