Posted by: tonyandgina | Friday, January 11, 2008

Toot, Toot Goes My Horn

I finally did it! And I am bursting with excitement and pride that I had to brag about it. I have to, y’know?! For me, this is the ultimate. Well, at least until I get more ambitious and aspire for more.

I am talking about my favorite pastime ,nay addiction of late. ISC online scrabble. For after months of trying to up my rating from 400+ (?) to a more braggable (is not even a word,this one) 800 where I got stuck for the longest time, my rating slowly inched up to 900, painfully slid lower, and lower with every crushing defeat. When I reached 987 , I thought for sure that 1000 was within easy reach. How sadly mistaken I was. For it was a slippery slope. For every time, I tried very hard to win one more game to reach my goal, I got defeated by some smartypants scrabbler and a chunk taken off my rating and down the hill I go again. That is, until last night! The scrabble fairy (yes,they are real!) must have been on my side last night and I got really lucky with my letters. They were there when I needed them and I got almost all of the S’s and the 2 jokers. What’s more, most of the red squares offered their space to me, and yes the pinks as well. This trend was constant with my last 3 matches last night and by 11:55 pm, and with my back and shoulder slightly achy, and my eyes red from too much staring on the board, I got what my heart desired. A whopping 1000! No more ,no less.

Therefore , my dear friends allow me to brag and show off this image which I took with my cam ( I don’t know to do a screen shot ). This took months to achieve. So let me to savor my moment of glory and declare it to the world!


* I want to hang on that rating for as long as I can, so perhaps I should have a little sabbatical from scrabbling, huh? For as high up in the clouds I am now with giddy pride, I can still see the ground and know that it wouldn’t take much (and long) for someone to knock me off from my perch.



  1. Happy 2008 again Gina and Tony, and Bella too! Wow Gina, you’re pretty good at scrabble. Is that “TAE”!? that I see hehe… I can’t do online games, I have the tendency to get addicted… Have fun!

    Hello Angelo! Buti at nadalaw ka dito sa isa ko pang ‘digs’. Happy New Year din to you and Nermal. Oftentimes, I get surprised with the new words I discover everyday . Not sure of what the word means, but it’s not what we think. =) Same with ‘titi’,lol, it’s a cactus specie yata..Ay naku. Sige, don’t start nalang with any online game esp. Scrabble, kita mo ako, naadik na nga.

  2. congrats gina!

    here’s a glass of chianti for you–:)

    MItz! Thanks! And Cheers!

  3. That’s swell! In no time at all, you’ll go up to 1,300 or higher. I don’t know if I already shared href=””this with you. Helpful scrabble tips. Especially the hooks. Try to memorize the 2-to-make-3. That will give you so much advantage. See you at ISC soon, Gina!

    I should have taken a little break as I planned, now my score is much lower again. But it is the satisfaction of reaching the 1000 rating that mattered. Now I know I can do it. Thanks for the Scrabble tips link. Will have to check it if I want to be up there again. TY!

  4. Way to go Gina. I will catch you at ISC soon.

    To do a screen capture: pres alt print screen at the same time, that copies what’s on your screen, then open paint program and press Ctrl-V.

    Leah,Di na nga kita nakikita on ISC, so hope to catch u soon. Thanks.

  5. Bravo, brava, gina!

    The first time I hit 1000, i just stared and stared at the screen, relishing the look of the rating. I could almost smell and taste it. hahaha And yes, i didnt want to play another game, fearful it might just disintegrate if i so much as touched it.

    But you really belong to that league, gina. With more practice … even higher. 🙂

    AM, Unfortunately, ayun, nag-disintegrate na nga 1000 ko dahil kasi ang gagaling ng mga nakakalaban ko. Hrmmmpppp.
    But I’ll keep at it, and have fun at the same time.

  6. Congrats! Woot woot, ang galing!

    ty michelle! =)

  7. that’s great Gina, way to go!
    hope you had a great New Year!

    Salamat Pining! Yes, ty, I did have a nice New year.

  8. yibaaaaaaaaaaaa Gina!!! hehe

    hey no sorries needed…that is really something to brag about considering some people (like me haha)have really low scores in scrabble. I think I’m stuck to that low score no matter how I try so way to go!

    e,wala ba naman akong ibang ginagawa na kundi mag-scrabble. As they say, practice makes perfect. =) kaya, yibaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  9. even if you’ve been knocked off your perch,
    congratulations are still in order.
    woo hoo!
    mahina ako sa scrabble.
    galing mo.

    Cheska, somehow i can’t imagine u being mahina in scrabble. Maybe di mo lang talaga hilig. Naadik kasi ako kaya sige laro, at ehemmm,medyo gumaling ng konte. ~0~

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