“though we ain’t got a barrel of money

maybe we’re rugged and funny,

But we’ll travel along

Singing a song

Side by side…”

tonyandgina is Gina & Tony (duh!) =) Very much a couple. Two peas in a pod. Vowed to love and cherish each other ,till death do them part. Oh, yes, there’s a bit about respect thrown in too. And although, some six or so years ago,they became as one , they are still two different and distinct individuals with their own little ‘dramas’ and quirks. Tony sometimes drive Gina crazy. Gina oftentimes drive Tony crazy. Mind you, they have learned to meet each other half way in a lot of things. They share a passion for history, music, travel , movies.. They would someday like to visit the magnificent pyramids of Egypt, beautiful Italy, Pompeii , exotic Thailand, and many more. They both cherish family & friends. Hand in hand, they enjoy life. Together, they dream…


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